On to Gettin’ Dirty…

So book seven Gettin’ Dirty will be out soon. Have you read the first six, if not catch up today for FREE on Kindle Unlimited. You will take a ride around the track with Cooper, Ryan, and Jesse before you read Adam’s story. Can he fall in love? Only time will tell…find out in Gettin’ Dirty coming out soon.

Dirty Vows coming soon!

I’m currently writing Dirty Vows and I’m looking forward to you all reading it soon!  If you want to know what happened before, during and after Cooper and Ansley’s wedding, then you don’t want to miss Dirty Vows coming in May 2016.

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Paige Steele is a loving wife and a mother of two teenage boys. She enjoy crafting and hiding behind a good book. During the day she works at a medical office and at night she using her imagination to write stories, like the one you just read. On the weekends you can often find Paige and her family at a dirt track. When she isn’t watching her boys race she is collecting ideas for her new series.